The Secret of the Lebanese Delicious Dishes

Mark Twain said that "Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside". We do not know if success is behind the pleasure of enjoying culinary specialties, but surely this activity brings satisfaction to many of us.

Mezze - The Lebanese Cuisine Secret

It is said that Lebanese food is the most popular in the Middle East because of the Mediterranean climate which offers it a great variety of vegetables and fruits and also the possibility of preparing a culinary diverse meal based on seafood and fish.

Lebanese Coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed and appreciated drinks in the whole world, but for the Arabs, and, especially for the Lebanese, it is always present at any meal of the day and with every meeting, whether it is a gathering of friends or a business meeting. Anyone who visits a lebanese ...

No Mezzeh Table without Hummus

Hummus is an oriental cuisine dish which has recently gain popularity in our country as well. The popular preparation of the Middle East recipe is easy to make and can be made from few healthy ingredients like chickpeas, olive oil, minced garlic, lemon juice and sesame paste called tahini.

The Restaurant Dress Code

When you make a restaurant reservation, you will automatically start thinking what you'll wear for that moment. In case you do not know the dress code of the restaurant, you can call and ask directly just to avoid an error. In general, expectations regarding the dress code...

A Unique Shawarma in the World

Romanians are a little wrong about Shawarma especially because, against everything that’s said, this dish can be considered a healthy and tasty product. Mihaela Bilic believes that a balanced meal can consist of a Shawarma and a yogurt, as long as it is made out of meat...

Lebanon, a dream destination (II)

After you have tasted the Lebanese food, you should find time for a ride. You can visit Byblos, a city that is reputed to be the oldest in the world. Excavations have revealed artefacts dating from the Neolithic as well as from Canaanites, Phoenician, Hellenic, Roman and crusader period.

15 Recommendations for Fasting Products

Fasting is a means of purifying the soul and body. It implies total or partial abstinence from certain foodstuff and it represents also the time to purify your mind from thoughts, cravings or bad deeds. If you have a negative attitude towards everything that surrounds you...

Four Seasons Opens a New Restaurant in Dorobanti Area!

Four Seasons opens a new location on Calea Dorobantilor Street, no 177, with the same delicious menu but with new excellent food also. The traditional lebanese cuisine is brought into our days, the clasic recipies are reinterpreted and the aromas can be enjoyed in very elegant space.

Pomegranate - Our Star Fruit

Lebanese cuisine has a diversity of meals that contain pomegranate in various forms. Whether we are talking about the fruit in the natural form or about its juice, the pomegranate has a special place in the Oriental cuisine.

Recommended Food for an Optimal Digestion

The equilibrium between the mental and physical health is assured, mainly, by the diet we adopt. The tiredness, irascibility, stomach pains and bloating are products of an unhealthy and chaotic diet. For assuring an easy digestion and a healthier mind and body, it is recommended to take...

Tabbouleh or the Perfect Salad

If you have already made acquaintance with the Lebanese cuisine, you should have tried by now the famous salad named tabbule or tabbouleh (no matter the script, it is pronounced tabulé). If you have never tasted a tabbouleh salad, you should know it is one of the most appreciated...

The Benefits of Eating Meat

Many people consider that a meatless dish is not nutritious, others prefer dairy and vegetables instead of meat. How beneficial is eating meat? Nutritionists say that there must be a balance. Proteins are essential to good health as they provide essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized...

The Selection of the Right Wine

A suitable wine will always highlight a good dish. Therefore, it is important to have a perfect match between the wine and the dish so this could turn into a pleasant experience. There are few simple rules which makes them easy to acquire and comply with:

Beirut, the Oriental Paris

Set between the mountains and the see, Beirut is an amazing place, full of colour that invites you to notice its various attractions. You can discover it on foot, on a walk along the seafront. And because it is a very crowded city, you can come in the morning to enjoy a coffee and backlava...

Lebanon, a dream destination (I)

When you get into Lebanon for the first time, you'll be amazed by the hospitality of their people. You will be given a firm handshake along with a broad smile that you'll never find in any other country. Lebanon is an excellent tourist destination because...

7 Reasons to Celebrate Your Love with Us

Love should be celebrated every day through gestures and even surprising gifts. A surprise is more welcomed on an ordinary day than on an expected one. But once a year, on Valentine’s Day, love should be celebrated as it should, with a romantic memorable dinner for a night to remember.

5 Spices Used in the Lebanese Cuisine

When someone tastes for the first time a Lebanese dish, the first comment would be: this food is really tasty! And this remark is true, indeed! Besides traditional spices like salt, pepper, oregano, garlic etc, the Lebanese cuisine uses also some special spices that give flavour to each food item.
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