Beirut, the Oriental Paris

Set between the mountains and the see, Beirut is an amazing place, full of colour that invites you to notice its various attractions. You can discover it on foot, on a walk along the seafront. And because it is a very crowded city, you can come in the morning to enjoy a coffee and backlava, bought directly from the many ambulant vendors.

Beirut suffered greatly from Lebanon's 16-year civil war, but today it is in a full reconstruction process. New buildings rises into the sky in all directions but the historic centres offers you some clues on how this city managed to receive the nickname of Oriental Paris. Wide boulevards flanked by colonial relics and honey-coloured stone houses dominate the landscape, while the cafes fill the place with energy.

Lebanese-style breakfast is a common activity in this city, being composed mainly of Labneh (cream cheese), Zaatari (a mixture of herbs and sesame), mint, tomatoes and cucumbers, all served with fresh markouk bread and black coffee.

Something out of the ordinary for the Lebanese cuisine is the way in which food is being served, known as "mezze", which consists of a multitude of dishes such as pickled vegetables, hummus, smoked Eggplant puree, marinated grilled seafood, skewers of meat and a variety of salads, cooked or fresh, presented in the form of a self-service buffet.

Lebanon's capital city is where you'll eat plentifully without having the sensation that heavy foods usually give. Lebanese chefs use primarily beef and lamb. One of the favourite seasonings is garlic, which is, next to the olive oil, ubiquitous in almost all specialties. Most often foods are either grilled or sautéed, or baked. Besides this, herbs, spices and the freshness of the ingredients are those that have made the culinary tradition of this small country to be so appreciated all over the world.

Once the night comes, the streets become extremely crowded, and the party atmosphere makes its presence best felt. Every step you take will take you to ideal places where you can enjoy a hookah surrounded by beautiful people, prepare for the party that will last till sunrise.

Four Seasons Bucharest recommends you to visit a beautiful city: Beirut
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