Lebanese cuisine enjoys international reputation for its richness of flavours, for variety and for its quality of being very healthy.

Four Seasons enjoys appreciation especially because it brings the authentic Lebanese tastes to the local region. In order to create the traditional Lebanese mezze skilful chefs use best quality ingredients: spices brought directly from Lebanon, olive oil, greens and fresh vegetables, fresh meat and fresh fish, to which is added the most priceless ingredient: a drop of “soul”.

A typically Lebanese meal is composed of a variety of cold and hot appetizers which are completed with a delicious beef, chicken or grilled lamb, the well-known kebab.

In Four Seasons Dorobanți you can complete your meal with fish from Mediterranean Sea, Sultan Ibrahim (Barbun) or Malifa Fish exceptionally cooked and accompanied by absolutely unique sauces.

In the preamble of the feast you can start with an arak, anisette, the traditional Lebanese drink which opens the appetite for what will follow. The cold mezza cannot be tasted without hommos, chick pea crème sprinkled with olive oil, baba-ghanuj (aubergine with pomegranate sauce), mutabal (aubergine with sesame paste).

Star salads are springs of health and energy: Fatoush, an explosion of vegetables with flat-bread croutons and pomegranate sauce and Tabule, a vitamin C bomb in every parsley leaf. It is recommended even by doctors, who tell us that parsley is four times richer in vitamin C than an orange. The green contains more iron than spinach and offers more proteins than two eggs. So a “treatment” with tabule is welcome any time.

Another “must” of Lebanese mezze is falafel. A delight which became very popular among vegetarians, but is extremely sought after as fasting food. You should also try here beef ras-asfur, ram sausages sujuk and makanek, but also the preparations which bear the signature Four Seasons, chicken or beef with zatar our chicken with cardamun.

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