A Unique Shawarma in the World

Romanians are a little wrong about Shawarma especially because, against everything that’s said, this dish can be considered a healthy and tasty product. Mihaela Bilic believes that a balanced meal can consist of a Shawarma and a yogurt, as long as it is made out of meat, pita bread and vegetables. The nutritionist claims that Shawarma is not dangerous for your figure and can be consumed even twice a week. It is also a good substitute for potato chips, pastries, snacks and other snacks that urges us to chew on. Mihaela Bilic said that "fast food products are not unhealthy, but the quantity and the frequency we eat, without chewing and savoring them."

The word Shawarma comes from the Turkish word çevirme which means to rotate. The meat with spices is roasted slowly on all sides as the spit rotates in front of a flame for hours Shavings that are cut off the block of meat for serving, with a special knife or sword are rolled on the pita along with other ingredients. The Lebanese prefer it as a snack. This is a handy option to eat while walking or when there is no time to dine.

Our restaurant offers three Shawarma types. Chicken Shawarma, where the meat is soaked in a secret marinade recipe. It’s being served on a plate with fries, pickles and garlic sauce and covered with homemade pita bread to preserve its warmth and freshness. Another type is Shawarma beef that contains beef, fries, taratour sauce (sesame tahini paste) and boiaz (parsley, onion and tomato, sprinkled with sumac).

Beef and Chicken Shawarma are well known and can be found almost everywhere in the world, but we came up with an original one, namely the duck meat Shawarma that can be found only at the Four Seasons Restaurant in Dorobanti. We designed this dish because we love to innovate and also we considered the benefits that duck meat brings. Also we were thrilled by the way the duck flavor adjusts to the specific Shawarma combinations. Duck Shawarma contains fries with garlic and mint sauce and tarator sauce. All being wrapped in a box of pita to preserve its flavor.

This is a unique delight that we invite you to taste in our venue located at 177 Calea Dorobantilor.

Four Seasons Dorobanti presents you a unique shawarma: Duck Shawarma
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