Lebanese Dessert - The Must-Have for Any Season

If we have to name three favorite dishes, our list would definitely contain a dessert. A sweet and aromatic meal that is a pleasure for our senses will be appreciated enough to occupy the first place in the hierarchy. Regardless of geographic area, gender or other demographic aspects, nobody would deny a little bit of culinary sweetness in their life.

Each culture is well-known due to a special dessert, but the explosion of flavors and refinement of the Lebanese sweet dishes cannot be unnoticed. If you are going to a Lebanese restaurant, you must try at least a traditional dessert. The combination of flavors and the carefully chosen ingredients are the most pleasant invitation to a meal.

One of the most popular Lebanese dishes is Beirut night. Fondle by the essences of roses or oranges, the milk cream gets a special flavor that makes the perfect combination with honey and bananas. The dessert is completed by a powder of walnuts and pistachios that gives it a special taste loved by consumers. Fruits in crusts are frequently met in Lebanese dishes, especially in desserts as the well-known Lebanese cakes with nuts and pistachios.

Even though many will think of it as baklava, Lebanese cookies do not contain animal fat, which makes them the perfect dessert during fasting. Another tasty dessert is Asmalie which manages to impress any consumer. This is a cake made of noodles and milk, harmoniously completed by a pistachio powder.

The Lebanese dessert impresses at the first glance due to the delightful colors and inviting flavors that make you impossible to refuse. Delicately prepared from exotic fruits, they have the specific flavor of Lebanese cuisine.

Lebanese dessert - the must-have for any season at Four Seasons in Bucharest
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