7 Reasons to Celebrate Your Love with Us

Love should be celebrated every day through gestures and even surprising gifts. A surprise is more welcomed on an ordinary day than on an expected one. But once a year, on Valentine’s Day, love should be celebrated as it should, with a romantic memorable dinner for a night to remember. And if you are not quite convinced, we give you 7 reasons, 7 spices and aphrodisiac dishes, used in our Lebanese cuisine:

1. The Basil is used on raw meat preparations, similar to beef steak tartar but with a Lebanese mark: Habranee, Kebenee, Frake.

2. Nutmeg and ginger: we use nutmeg to macerate beet and you should know that it is the main ingredient for the Four Seasons Rolls; when it comes to ginger, it is especially used to macerate chicken skewers.

3. Hot pepper is added to a large number of dishes but we recommend salads to ease the digestion especially because after the romantic dinner you need to be active and in good shape as you will have a long night ahead of you. For example, we recommend the olive salad with walnuts and pomegranate with a little hot pepper powder. Raw meat specialities include hot pepper as well.

4. The Beirut night includes honey and it is a complimentary dessert course.

5. Chocolate: our dark chocolate cake is the best and can satisfy the most demanding taste buds at the first bite.

6. Lebanese wine. The red wine is well known for its capacity of warming up the atmosphere.

7. Cardamom. The Lebanese Coffee is mandatory after a meal as it contains cardamom, a spice well known to stimulate sexual desire.

Celebrate love at Four Seasons Dorobanti
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