The Secret of the Lebanese Delicious Dishes

Mark Twain said that "Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside". We do not know if success is behind the pleasure of enjoying culinary specialties, but surely this activity brings satisfaction to many of us. Only if you think of the flavors of Lebanese delicious dishes, the smile will come to your face.

Lebanese cuisine takes a special place in the hearts of the people who love the Oriental dishes due to the variety of ingredients. The chicken, lamb, beef or fish meat is harmoniously complemented by the interesting mix of spices, olive oil, vegetables and dairy products. All of them are prepared with love and great care by our chef, in order to offer you an authentic Lebanese culinary experience.

From our menu, we highly recommend you some of the most popular Oriental dishes such as:

Homos – The delicate pureed chick peas with olive oil can be enjoyed in this way or in five different delicious combinations. We delight you with Homos Beiruty, prepared with red pepper, garlic and parsley, Homos with Sujuk, the well-known Lebanese spicy sausages, Homos with pine nuts, Homos with pieces of beef or if it's difficult to decide between the last two, we recommend Homos with pieces of beef and pine nuts.

Moutabal – The baked aubergine has an amazing taste next to the sesame oil, sesame paste, lemon juice and olive oil. You can try Moutabal with beet exclusively in our restaurant and we guarantee that you will love it.

Labneh - It is a culinary delight resulting from the mixture of fine yoghurt cream and olive oil. We invite you to try it in four delicious combinations: Labneh with garlic and mint, Labneh with Lebanese savory, Labneh with olives or Labneh with nuts.

Kebbe - Who could refuse the crushed wheat stuffed with minced meat and pine nuts? Spoiled in well-chosen spices, these are prepared with chicken or beef meat.

Tabbule - This salad demonstrates every time its place in the preferences of Lebanese cuisine’s lovers. It is a real source of vitamins thanks to its nutrient-rich ingredients such as finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, crushed wheat, lemon juice and olive oil.

Beirut Night with bananas - Along with honey and bananas, the milk cream is flavored with roses or orange essences to create the perfect savor. Finally, the dessert is embraced with a nuts and pistachio powder to receive a divine taste.

We know the choice is not easy, and when you think these are just some of the amazing Lebanese dishes you find at Four Seasons, the decision is even more difficult. In order to get rid of the tension before the order, we kindly recommend you to use the Lebanese way of ordering, known as mezze. You will spoil yourself with all your most wanted dishes!

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