The Selection of the Right Wine

A suitable wine will always highlight a good dish. Therefore, it is important to have a perfect match between the wine and the dish so this could turn into a pleasant experience. There are few simple rules which makes them easy to acquire and comply with:

1. Color - white wines go well with processed white meat and red wine is served with red meat.
2. Density - alcohol content, flavor and aroma and bouquet concentration is associated with the taste and the flavor; fine dishes are served with lighter wines and those heavier with stronger wines.
3. Aroma - in general a match is being achieved between the wine’s flavors and culinary preparation because there are few people who appreciate the contrast of flavors.
4. Regional associations - as much as possible, try to pair a regional cuisine with a specific wine.

In addition, it is good to know that when sweet and sour soups are served, wine is not recommended, except for concentrated broths of fish and shellfish, when dry white wines can be served.

For preparations containing fish, oysters, snails or crustaceans are recommended dry white wines, sparkling light. As fatty fish is, the more acidic the wine should be.

Serve dry or semi-dry white wines and rosé wines for appetizers.

White meat (veal, lamb and pork) and poultry dishes are compatible with bouquets of red wines, dry white wines and light golden wines. Regarding red meat (sheep and cattle) we recommend serving it with red vintage wines, full, generous and strong ones. The same recommendations go in the game dishes, stating that delicate and elegant wines match feathered game, and the full ones match the fur game.

Soft consistency fermented cheese goes well with strong red wines of great sap and the semi-hard consistency cheese with greenbacks inside is served with red light wines. Sheep cheese is suitable for rosé wines to the dry white and red insatiable and fresh cheese is very good in combination with sweet white and rosé wines.

For desserts and fruits is recommended sparkling, sweet or naturally sweet wines and for coffee is recommended brandy (distilled, aged, cognac type).

The general rule is that if wine is used in the preparation of dish the same wine is preferable to be served at the table.

Only champagne can be served throughout the meal!

How do you chose your wine at Four Seasons
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